Sports at Abbey Mount

Sports at Abbey Mount

We would have to say sport is our main focus here at Abbey Mount. We believe every child has some sporting ability, they maybe didnt even know they had. Each girl has a main sport which is her fundamental priority, this is chosen in the second term upon entry. Everyone participates in netball, hockey athletics and rounders however. This encourages everyone to come together as a team. 

We also strongly believe competitiveness is the key to success, therefore there are many fixtures and matches organised for every team to promote this feeling of competitiveness in a healthy enviroment. The girls train for thier individual chosen sports 3 nights a week for an hour after prep, these are supervised by thier coaches and mentors.

This training programme may sound intense but we cannot stress enough how much difference it makes to the performance of our girls. ' Practise makes Perfect' is the key motto in the sports department,and it must have some effect as Abbey Mount has great success at every sports discipline. Please see our 'News' page for the latest sports news.  

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1. Maria 28/02/2015

Guys this is fake!!! It hardly has any information and it does not tell you anything about the age group or the location. Wild Child was filmed at Cobham Hall independent school for girls aged eleven to eighteen and if you want to go to Abbey amount go there.

2. Adriana 26/01/2015

Fake!!!!!! If you watched wild child you would know that the principles name is mrs.kingsley not whatever this Bitch claims it is and every detail from this website is from the movie so if you fall 4 this U might be the most retarted person on earth "duh"

3. Abigail Wild 31/12/2014

I am wondering how old you can be to attend the school and where the school is located.

4. andressa (link) 21/09/2014

ola,meu nome e andressa adoraria estudar nessa escola mas como sou brasileira meus pais tem medo de me deixar viajar para inglatera mas irei conversa com eles, adorei essa escola estive lendo algumas coisas sobre ela e muito interessante e queria saber se tem alguma prova que temos que fazer para conseguir uma bolsa para essa escola?

5. poppy moore (link) 02/07/2014

i like to come to this school but how im from kuwait and i like to come

6. Anastasia 31/05/2014

This school is amazing you girls would love it, i've been here since I was 12 years old and I really love it. I got a lot of friends and yes we have snobby, stuck up girls, but I really don't care for them, they're NOT my problems..

7. Vienna Robertson 12/04/2014

This school sounds amazing!!

8. Julia Alice James (link) 07/04/2014

Hello! I am Julia! Boarding this school sounds so educational and fun but is it fiction based on Wild Child, or is it some what real? i would love to join but, do you get to see family and are you there 24/7 & 365 days s year? Thank you for your time!
kind regards,

9. karishma jaggernath 06/03/2014

hi my name is karishma and i am 12 years old i will be 13 this year i read the home page on abby mount it sounds amazing i would love to go to this school

10. nikola (link) 25/01/2014

hi, i am intrested of coming to abbey mounts school but i dont know were is it about i am 9 zears old

11. renebby 17/01/2014

I would really want to come to your school it sounds amazing and ive seen wild child but it all depends on how much it is, how old do you have to be to attend,when do we get to see our parents and can you transfer from public school.captch me

12. gloria (link) 03/01/2014

[i][/i]hi my name is gloria and im in year 5 and i was hoping of comin to this school so can u guys give me some tips why i should come here please

13. lesbiansforever 24/12/2013

we would love to go to this school we've seen wild child and all but how old u hav to be and how much is the payment and when do u get to see ur family?

14. friscla aulia 13/12/2013

I'm 12 years old I'm from Indonesian I'm really really want to school in there but I know my english is bad so I'm scared if I'm don't understand what you are say

15. Mia <3 soccer (link) 01/12/2013

I would luv 2 go 2 school here! I'm 10 yrs old. I speak french but, there Abbey Mount is from Wild Child the movie I mean if it was real I would go here if it was real but, it's not.

16. Poppy more (link) 20/10/2013

hey peps im Poppy of wild child and I just want to say that ye!! abbeymount school is a real boarding school where I frist started for the scene on wild child I love that school its so amasing yuh should love it to
LOVE-Popy more

17. Brendene 03/09/2013

I would love to come to this school!

18. mia 22/08/2013


19. mia 22/08/2013

why are you saying you want to meet freddie and stuff he's a fiction character AHAHAH OMG its a movie not real life, this is also a fake page otherwise it would have a number& the schools review&stuff omg are you's dumb or..

20. loren eriston 13/08/2013

hallo' i'm from USA and my dad wnt to write to this stoped school.. can you rejected my name from your list.

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